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The right role for you

We can help refine what is important to you when choosing your future role, so you achieve the career that you deserve.

Here at CSC, we aim to dig deep and find out what is most important to you in your next role. This is different for everyone. You may need a work location close to your home as you have a young family, be looking for the right company culture that gets the best out of you or be looking for a clear career path to help you take that much needed step up. We understand that you each have your own individual aspirations, that you have families and bills to pay. However, we also know that when looking for a role, most people don’t consider what makes their ‘ideal’ job, or really think about what they need, so they end up finding a new job with similar problems or one that is not satisfying which means they will eventually move on again.

To help you out, we have crafted a series of questions to help you consider what is most important to you, so that when you are presented with a job, or when you go looking for your next role, you can decide what fits your criteria for your perfect job.

  • What do you like most about your current job?
  • What frustrates you in your current role? If you could, what would you change about your job?
  • What company culture suits you best?
  • What distances are you comfortable commuting? What is the cut-off? Would you rather work locally despite the size of the project, money, etc.?
  • It may sound like a silly question but how important is money in your decision making? How much money do you need to earn as minimum to pay the bills and live the life you want? How much are you willing to bend on this for other factors?
  • What projects or sectors do you find the most satisfying?
  • Do you want to work on bigger projects, or would you like to work on smaller projects but within a more senior role?
  • Are you looking for a big-name company or do you prefer a small to medium sized business?
  • What would you be happy trading in return for something else e.g. you wouldn’t mind a longer travel journey for a bigger, more prestigious project.?
  • What are your career aspirations? Where do you want to be within the next 5 – 10 years?
  • Is there something that you want to try but don’t know how to achieve it e.g. project type, duties or responsibilities, a new qualification, etc?
  • Is there a company you really want to work for?

Lastly, the key question after discussing these is what is the most important thing to you above all others or is it a combination of a few?

If you would like to discuss your future job search with any of our consultants, or to have a confidential conversation about what roles are currently out there at the moment, give us a call on 0845 095 0700

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