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'Let’s talk about Millennials’. Chris Roberts, Managing Consultant featured image November 15th 2018

'Let’s talk about Millennials’. Chris Roberts, Managing Consultant

Millennials get a bad rep for being too attached to the digital world - more able to communicate using their digits on their smartphones than holding face to face conversations. After welcoming new young blood into the office, I discovered that they are sensible, polite and professional young people. Committed and ready to work their socks off. I found myself pleasantly surprised at the fantastic so-called ‘millennials’ we gained as recruits and candidates, making me question the assumptions we make, and reminding me that we should stop generalising young people. We must remember that they bring new skills, a fresh view of the ever changing world, and are at the forefront of the evolution of business and technology. That doesn’t mean us slightly older folk are behind, but it is extremely encouraging to see young, switched on individuals, ahead of the curve and ready to grab life with both hands. So let’s help them achieve great things and not dismiss them out of hand.

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