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‘Why work in Fit Out?’: James Roberts, Principal Consultant featured image December 4th 2018

‘Why work in Fit Out?’: James Roberts, Principal Consultant

Often refurb and new build candidates are worried to go into the Fit Out field but once they have moved across, they rarely ever go back…. High spec and bespoke, projects vary greatly; you could be working on Michelin star dining, state of the art receptions or TV studios.

A big attraction is career progression. Projects are typically anything from 8 weeks for a £1.5m scheme to a 12 months fit out for a scheme £50m+ rather than typically 2 years for a new build scheme, so you can prove yourself and progress at a much faster rate.

Fit Out is a small world, so there’s a good chance you can make an impression and fit the team because you are good to work with. Once you are in, you’re in.

If you like being in town, and want to take advantage of London’s culture, the furthest you will need to travel for Fit Out is Canary Wharf, meaning no driving needed.

Let’s talk money. If that is a driving factor then Fit Out is the way to go, paying 10-15% more than other areas of the business.

A final pro, a definite benefit during the winter months, is working on a warm site, which tends to be in a nice plush air conditioned office! There is no outdoor work, and you get to be in some great places.

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