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'Life As A Trainee At CSC' Brian MacFarlane, Managing Consultant featured image October 3rd 2018

'Life As A Trainee At CSC' Brian MacFarlane, Managing Consultant

I only truly learnt the craft of recruitment when I joined CSC. Here you learn to understand the industry, the different disciplines, the range of projects and the individual clients. Employees receive great company support – from your initial intensive twelve-week training, regular refreshers, bi-monthly World Class recruitment workshops to shadowing different people in the industry. 

Trainees are overseen by a manager who guides them through typical processes, helping them to establish good habits, all whilst injecting them with the CSC style – honest, open and hardworking. You get what you put into the business; managers lead from the front enabling everyone to benefit from their extensive experience. CSC wants you to grow with them, that’s why they put so much care into their staff, and enable senior staff to influence the success of the company. You could go from trainee to manager in 4 years; all our managers are homegrown, which shows that we offer encourages people to stay. 

Essentially CSC is the place you can learn, be nurtured and grow into a fully-fledged, well rounded consultant in part of a tight knit team who have the best interests of everyone at heart.

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