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‘What we look for in trainees’ Joanna Wilkinson, Senior Consultant featured image October 3rd 2018

‘What we look for in trainees’ Joanna Wilkinson, Senior Consultant

First and foremost, I look for someone with the right attitude. Education, whilst being a great way to underpin and showcase someone’s skills, can be irrelevant if they do not have the right attitude to succeed in the sector.

This job is what you make it – the more you put in, the more you get out, so we need someone with passion, drive and a proactive nature. They need to be sharp, disciplined and determined as this industry is demanding and it takes perseverance and patience to attract the right people, establish good relationships, understand candidate and client requirements, whilst keeping abreast of industry knowledge. We want to find the best candidates for our clients and so we dedicate ourselves to finding them the perfect person for the job.

We genuinely value our relationships and, for us, communication is paramount. We need strong interpersonal and written skills, as well as someone who knows how to handle themselves in the office, on site visits and client meetings. Connections are key, no matter whether it’s with a client, candidate or colleague, and ultimately we want someone who will fit into our team. Being genuine goes a long way in our company and the business too.

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