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Let’s give the freelance workforce some credit featured image April 25th 2018

Let’s give the freelance workforce some credit

Chris Roberts, Freelance Manager at CSC Recruitment, discusses the importance of freelancers in the industry.

Often Freelance workers are deemed to be potentially unreliable and ‘mercenaries’ so to speak; that they may not care as much about a project or company because they have not committed to full time employment. This is, in my opinion, not the case. We often forget that freelancers display great character, strength and flexibility – a certain hardiness to being thrown into any situation at any given moment. They must be confident and frequently hit the ground running.

I believe that these characteristics are incredibly important and worthwhile, which is why I enjoy heading up the Freelance team. The cogs in the system would stop running if it wasn’t for those willing to adapt and be accommodating with their time and career.

In the freelance team, when you work as someone’s sole agent it is both humbling and terrifying because you want to make sure you get them the jobs that they need in order to live and support their families. But that is the fire we need  – knowing people through and through – to keep them in the running for the latest jobs.

Let’s give the freelancers a bit of credit for taking the shorter, somewhat riskier and less stable  jobs so that projects can keep on moving.

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